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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Dec 30, 2013

As we waited in line at the local Co-Op, we noticed something new - Joy Tonic! How could we resist? So in addition to the usual motley assortment of food, we have this little herbal item as well.

So there's that. There is also more from Knorr, fine chocolates, Cosmo mixer, beer, and quinoa. Yes, quinoa. 

All that and...

Dec 23, 2013

Ursula found some Crick-ettes at Hot Topic a while ago, and this week we finally open up one of the boxes (yes, there was more than one flavor) to give them a go. We also break into some new (to us) chocolate bars, several snack chips, peppermint popcorn, and even microwave papadums.

Microwave Papadums, people!


Dec 16, 2013

Not just one, but two - count 'em! TWO! - kinds of macaroni in this episode. I'm not sure how much shame there is for the makers of these things, or for the chumps who eat them. Like us.

There is also premium chocolate, questionable chicken by-products, and yet another mystery food from Asia.

All this and more, when We...

Dec 9, 2013

Now that we've been able to start getting caught up on all the things we have left that haven't expired, we have all sorts of goodies this week.

Puffed goldfish? Check. Faux chicken? Check. Faux jerky? Check. Noodles with no English on them whatsoever? Check. Chocolate things? Check.

Looks like another weekend in our...

Dec 2, 2013

Our good friend Uncle Kage was gifted a bottle of Soju. Since he does not drink Soju, it found its way to our house. Which means Ursula is drinking Soju this episode. So there is that...

....there is also heat-stabilized chicken, chili chocolate, squid strips, and lots more.

Right here in our kitchen, where We Eat It,...