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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Dec 12, 2010


Listener Amy suggested we take a look at Frozen Burritos, and since we're always out to please the listener, we'll sacrifice our innards to JUST FOR YOU. The lineup includes an El Monteray Bean and Beef Burrito,  a Jose Ole Chicken & Cheese Chimichanga, an Amy's Southwestern Burrito, and an Evol Chicken, Bean, and Rice Burrito. We'll also discuss our continuing exploration of the Hamburger Helper line of foods (this time with Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni) and the InnovAsian Sweet & Sour Chicken

We pair all of these with a Pink Truck Pink Wine (Ursula), and a Hobgoblin Dark English Ale (Kevin).  

Along the way we'll also discuss children's eating habits, the practical problems with having a back out, sweet potatoes, sacred hearts, Op-Art, and making mexican food, all with the ever-present beagle and cats. 

Remember - we eat it, so you don't have to.


almost ten years ago

So, I am starting to post comments over here instead of over on Ursula's blog. Yes, the point of the stickymats are to keep the server room's floors clean. As you may understand, with large rooms filled with electronic equipment, you can't exactly take a mop and bucket into there on a regular basis.

almost ten years ago

We buy packs of the frozen El Monterey Burritos and fry them up in our frydaddy. Then garnish with salsa and sour cream. Delish.

almost ten years ago

Maybe a -5 to +5 rating system? If you don't use zero, it converts to base 10 easily and it's pretty clear when you don't like something because it has a negative rating. Somebody suggested this to me about eight years ago and I've been using it for everything ever since.

almost ten years ago

That's the most terrifying Mickey Mouse mask I have ever seen!!! :D