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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Oct 31, 2010

This week, it's Kimchee, MRE, and Pad Thai. Ok, the last bit didn't rhyme. Also, there's meatloaf. We open a mystery box from a friend to find a whole stack of MREs, and so we give the Escalloped Potatoes and Ham (Thermostabilized) a try. After that, it's Dr. McDougail's Pad Thai Noodle Soup, a chitchat about Jennie-O Turkey Meatloaf, and we wrap with Annie Chun's Kimchi Soup Bowl. We eat it so you don't have to - unless you're in the U.S. Military, in which case, well, you have to for at least one of this week's selections. Sorry about that. 

almost twelve years ago

I know this was months ago now, but MREs do come with a little plastic baggie that you add water to. It heats up then you stick it in the little cardboard box the meal packet is in to heat your food. Also great for warming your hands in the field...

Jeff The Riffer
twelve and a half years ago