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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

May 17, 2020

So Shep has been going on about how chickweed is a "nutrient dense super-food" any time Ursula weeds the garden. And then a recipe came across a local mailing list for "chickweed fritters" and I knew the thing to do was give them the recipe, press record, and get as far away as possible. This is the result. 

No people...

Apr 9, 2020

Shepherd and Ursula made a casserole. They called this "Fuck it, we're making Casserole" but they don't post the episodes, so too bad.

Anyway, this is what they're doing for social isolation. Send help for the rest of us. 

Mar 22, 2020

It has been a week of self isolation, and what do we have? Beer, pizza, dried squid, and spicy dried mini-shrimp! And that is just the beginning this week, since we have a whole lot of stuff to get through before the world ends! 

We'll keep doing this even in a pandemic, because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

Feb 16, 2020

This started out as "we have eaten a lot of ham so we will do a short non-episode filler show" and then  things kind of got out of hand. So we ate some chips, drank some beverages, and an hour and a half later, here we are. We hope you enjoy it, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

Feb 3, 2020

It's a new year, but the same old show where we eat things that are, for the most part, better left un-eaten. We have multiple types of cola-flavored candy, sour apple pop-rocks, multiple breakfast cereals, and the horror of all horrors, DURIAN MOCHI.

All that and more as we head toward the jiggly extravaganza that is...