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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

May 20, 2012

There are horrors upon horrors heaped on us this week, starting with something containing meatballs (at least, the packaging SAYS it's meatballs), and ending with something that may or may not be made of food. And in between, Ursula discovers the joys (or not) of Buffalo Sauce, Kevin talks about his experiences with Mio...

May 13, 2012

Between Wal*Mart and listener submissions, we have one hell of a show for you.

And by "hell of a show" we pretty much mean we've consigned ourselves to the deepest pits thereof.  Did you know that there were now SPAM meals? Or that bone marrow was a soup flavor? Or that you could make beef jerky out of soy?

Neither did...

May 6, 2012

It started out simple enough, really. There was cheap food, and beer and cider, and somehow we ended up talking about Vaugner, and Vikings, and Opera, and things sorf of devolved from there. Nothing good can come of an episode where Kevin starts singing.

Oh, and the comparisons to poop are back this week as well.