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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Sep 27, 2015

This is it, the last episode before we break out that can of silkworm pupae that has been waiting for us for at least the last year. But until then, we have beer, wine, white chocolate Pringles, dark chocolate coconut, curry cashews, and a Hungry Man meal for the ages. 

We even have some preview larva as a warm up. 


Sep 20, 2015

It would appear that Mendoza, Argentina is a hotbead of wine that Ursula likes. So we've got two weeks of wines from Argentina to talk about. We also have foods from Kevin's pilgramige to Wegman's in Virginia, more from Home Goods, and things sent in by you, the listener. 

All that, plus TWO kinds of flavored vodka,...

Sep 13, 2015

So in the last episode, we mentioned Kevin would be out, and there would not be a show this week. Instead, we decided to do this little add-on with a reader letter, preparation of two infused vodkas, and taste tests of a Ghost Pepper and a Carolina Reaper from the garden. 

Kids, do NOT try this at home. We're not...

Sep 6, 2015

Despite saying there was a moratorium on foods by Archer Farms, a frozen pizza shows up on today's show. How does it hold up? And what about the newest flavor of Oreo? 

We also have more foods from discount retailers, ginger beer, wine, heat-stabilized chicken, and a whole lot more, when We Eat It, So You Don't...