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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Oct 11, 2010

Running a little late this week, but here it is, episode 5! This week, we taste Trader Joe's Chicken Gorgonzola, Vigo Red Beans and Rice, and an Archer Farms Asian Inspired Sesame Teriyaki noodle bowl. And along the way, we'll talk about our new sponsor, Monoceros Media, the AMAZING new rice cooker we have, and the best way to eat ramen raw. 

(Spoiler : There is NO best way to eat ramen raw)


almost ten years ago

the best way I know to eat uncooked ramen in in a salad. mostly cabbage or broccoli slaw, the noodles broken up into very small chunks, some cold peas, sliced almonds, and a dressing made from vinegar, oil, the seasoning packet, and sugar. by volume it's maybe at most 20% ramen, but still fairly tasty, if only in a church-picnic sort of way.

almost ten years ago

There is a SERIOUS issue with the idea there can be a "best way to eat ramen raw", namely the idea that there can be a GOOD way to eat ramen raw.

James Rice
almost ten years ago

Here's One you might like. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes. They have regular in-the-box type which require adding milk & butter, etc, but they also have some all-in-one pouches that you just add water. I've started taking those backpacking, since they easy to make & really tastey.

Also, if you every break out to simple recipes, I have some that are no harder than browning hamburger I can share.