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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Oct 1, 2012

While we were in Chicago, our freinds Dan and Tom took us to this amazing Asian Market. And then they sent us all the stuff they so kindly bought for us there. If they didn't take us for good beer and great dining while we were there, I'd guess they didn't like us. There is Teryaki Soda in there. We don't drink it this week, but still - TERYAKI SODA, PEOPLE!


In other news, we do play catch up on several of the things we ate while on hiatus, pull stuff out of various boxes that you, the listeners, sent us, and have a grand old time. Right up until the end...

Ursula is back from France, Kevin isn't working 14 hour days, and so We Eat it, So You Don't Have To once again!

(Did you know that George Lucas had originally titled Star Wars Episode 6 "Revenge of the Jedi" but switched to "Return of the Jedi" after deciding that a Jedi wouldn't be out for Revenge? That has aboslutely NO bearing on this episode, but it is an interesting tidbit of geek folklore.)