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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Oct 14, 2012

First up, I apologize for calling this one Episode 93 when it is, in fact, Episode 94. Don't let the intro fool you, this really is Episode 94, not Episode 93.

We start off with a discussion of an Irish Gift Shop in France, and the beer Ursula brought back from there. There is also a discussion of food evangelists, a discussion of one of Kevin's many madnesses, and eventually the best cheesecake Kevin has ever eaten (Hint: It is NOT the one pictured or reviewed in this podcast). 

Be regaled with stories of Ursula's grandmother! Hear the miracle of the soap evangelist! And find out what the best chocolate we have ever reviewed is, because it is in this episode.

All this and more when We Eat It So You Don't Have To!