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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Jul 8, 2018

We're at Anthrocon! But we took some time last weekend with Lis and Natalie eating terrible foods just for you. We had some amazing fresh food, and followed it with terrible chips. And mediocre instant foods. And meal bars, wine, beer, and one of our personal favorites - dried squid!

All that, and more, when We Eat It,...

Jun 25, 2018

For whatever reason, we keep doing this. This week, we have a box of chips from Australia, gummy bears to soak in rum, and an instant Mac & Cheese. 

We also have a pile of supermarket cheeses to try, and see if they hold to the label of "sharp cheddar." All this, and more when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

Jun 10, 2018

The original Title of this one was going to be "It Came From the Box 2" but then we tasted one of the things out of the box and the new title was born. This time around, we will be going through things you (yes you) have sent us, in an attempt to get through the monstrous pile of boxes we have received from listeners....

May 27, 2018

After a day where furniture has collapsed on Kevin TWICE while moving it, and not smart enough to leave well enough alone, we sat down with beer, cider, and a cornucopia of pre-packaged foods for your listening pleasure. We even brought in Lis since she was off work AND had brought some of these horrors into our...

May 6, 2018

We went out and got baby chickens today! They don't actually make it on to the podcast (this week) but we'll talk about that in between tasting two of the three new Oreo Flavors, drinking beer and wine, and checking out a meal-in-a-box. There are also chips of questionable origin, health food, and a muffin-in-a-cup.