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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Mar 19, 2017

We're back (briefly)! Kevin's mouth has gotten the "all clear" from his periodontist, so we are delving into all the crunchy things we can! Organic Doritos? You bet! Limited Edition Tim-Tams? Absolutely! Asian beef jerky? Sure, why not! New flavors of Triscuits? Why shouldn't we?!?

Of course, there is also...

Feb 19, 2017

So Kevin went to his periodontist this week, and had his stitches out. This means that he can eat more that liquids, and so Ursula lets him choose what to have based on what he can eat. So there are a LOT of soft foods, like bean pasta, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans.

There is also beer, wine, tea drink,...

Feb 5, 2017

For a third time, Kevin has been in for dental surgery, so we are doing a short(er) interlude episode while his mouth heals. But he can still drink, we can talk for a bit, and discuss the state of liquid-only foods. 

Which is kind of important right now, as you might imagine. 

Anyway, there is also wine, yogurt,...

Jan 29, 2017

We're back from Arisia and mostly healed up, so it's time to eat bad food and drink heavily. Your only warning is that this was recorded on Jan 28, 2017, and we are flaming liberals, so there are a lot of opinions this week. Loud, drunken, swear-y opinions.

There are also frozen foods, lots of chocolate, and chips...

Jan 15, 2017

This week, we have a special treat - KUEC recorded LIVE at Arisia 2017! This is a dream come true for Kevin, and despite a technical glitch or two, a lot of fun. We want to thank everyone who came out, everyone who brought "tributes," and the Arisia staff who made it all possible.

This one is PURELY for the...