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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Oct 17, 2010

This week on kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap : A secon chance for Archer Farms with their Cajun-flavored Rice and Bean Bowl. We also take a stab at the Thai Kitchen Tangy Sweet & Sour Noodles and Trader Joe's Potato Pancakes. Along the way, you get to hear a (not authentic) recipe for huevos rancheros, and a discussion of the importance of ballistic eyewear.

We hope you enjoy it!

Jill S
nine and a half years ago

Aw, you should have tried the Archer Farms Mac and Cheese meal, it's actually really good.

Laura H
nine and a half years ago

Ahahaha, oh man. You have GOT to try what I'm eating for lunch right now: Thai Peanut Noodle Cart.

I know you've done a Thai Kitchen product in the past, but let me stress: this is the one in the square container, on the dry grocery shelves, which specifically says "Pre-cooked rice noodles". I ... I have no words, and wouldn't want to spoil the experience for you if I did. Try this!

nine and a half years ago

heh...I actually have to comment...the "smoke" is...actually....condensed smoke.

it's not GOOD for smoke is
it is, however, natural.

Thomas P.
nine and a half years ago

Could you guys post a list of the foods you have reviewed as well as their scores? We just got the frozen pirogis that you reviewed -- because you liked them -- and we'd like the list to refer to from time to time.

Love it!