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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Jan 9, 2011


We're drinking before Noon! OK, this isn't normal, but since we're having breakfast and recording, we figured Mimosas were in order (to dull the pain). This week, we explore the dangers of frozen breakfast foods, starting everything off with Earth's Best Blueberry Mini-Waffles. Following that we have Kraft Cinnamon Bagelfuls, Jimmy Dean Bacon Breakfast Bowls, and close it out with Eggo Real Fruit Pizza Mixed Berry Sensations. Along the way, we'll continue our discussions of things that taste like health food, rant a little, and even talk about last night's dinner.

Just another morning in our house, really (except for the momosas). Even first thing in the morning, we eat it so you don't have to!


over twelve years ago

Poor Gir!
We've weaned our black Lab down to a daily 1/4 tablet of temeril-p for his allergies, combined with a change in kibble, and he's doing much better. Dust mites, some weeds, and likely kibble-based sensitivities make his skin flare. The vet suggested we change to a 'novel protein' kibble, one that doesn't have the usual US ingredients (corn, wheat, beef, chicken)*. We're using California Naturals' Sweet Potato & Herring (purchase at clinic) for all three dogs, and they've all gotten a benefit, actually improving their lean body mass. And, after several months eating it, they hardly smell like fish at all.
*Vet claims that in Australia where lamb is a primary ingredient in dog food, that they tend to become sensitized to lamb.
Good luck with Gir!

over twelve years ago

Due to time zone differences (I'm in the UK), I actually listened to this at breakfast. Big mistake, I had to go make some scrambled eggs on toast because this made me hungry. :)

over twelve years ago

I love your guys' choice of drink there. =P

over twelve years ago

Neufchatel is not cream cheese. It's a soft spreadable cheese like cream cheese but it's both softer and less fatty. It's my preferred bagel spread because of it's softness. I will admit that people often get them confused because most companies refer to it as being 1/3 less fat than cream cheese and hide the actual name in much smaller text.