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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Jan 31, 2011

Noodles, Gnochi, and Wine, that's sort of this week's theme. Starting out with some ? Red Wine from Oreana for Kevin, and Smoking Loon Chardoney for Ursula. Then we dig into some Pasta-Roni Fettuchini Alfredo Sauce, Alexa Beer Battered Chedar Bites, Annie Chun's Teriyaki Noodle Express, Blue Horizon Natural's Shells with Pesto Sauce, and Moo-Moo Maddelena's Gnocchi. Add into that a recipe for Marinated Musrooms, Stuffed Portobello Caps, and a discussion of Neal Stephenson, and it's another episode of cheap eats, just for you. 

Remember folks, we eat it so we don't have to! 

Hope you enjoy this week's episode!

twelve and a half years ago

I'm been a follower of Ursula's art and blog for a good five years now, and I'm really loving this show as well, great distraction from work! thank you both for making my life that little bit more entertaining! However, I think there is one thing that could improve the listening experience: visual aids. I remember one episode a while back featured a few photos, which just put the icing on the cake! (Or possibly the sauce on the chicken-less cutlets?)
I would love to be able to see the food in all its pooptastic glory as well as hearing the graphic descriptions!

twelve and a half years ago

for the record, "Craft Beer" only designates that under a certain volume of beer is produced by that brewer in a given year.

I think even Sam Adams falls below this line.
therefore, someone making a Bud clone just for "craft beer batter" would be able to legitimately call their beer "craft beer"

twelve and a half years ago

Eat at Jacques-Imo's if you can while you're in New Orleans. We waited a while to get in but the food was excellent. Or for a really amazing burger Yo Mama's. The ladies that run the bar there are great. :) Here's their write-up on Yelp

Chris Vail
twelve and a half years ago

I'm adoring your show - at some point there needs to be a database of what you've tried and what it rated (never mind that the rating scales are - less than compatible with each other at times. And I need to collect our personal cheap wine favs to share with you, all in the interest of science, you understand. But there is one thing I must point out because it's driving me mad -- it's pronounced 'nyo-kee', occasionally 'nyaw-kee' or 'no-kee'(dialectic), but it's *never* 'nyo-chee'. It's an Italian thing, but for reasons annoying to Americans, a 'ch' before a vowel is a hard 'c' sound. It's about the only useful thing I learned in singing diction classes in college :/ And so I pass it on to you. Thank you for your kind understanding of the rabid pronunciation geeking of your amused listener :D

Otherwise, keep up the good eating!

PS If you care, gnocchi is plural, to boot. Apparently 'gnoccho' is a single potato dumpling. Although why one would ever bother with a single gnoccho I have no idea...