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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Feb 13, 2011


Travelling next weekend, so we're forced - FORCED WE SAY! - to record two episodes in one day. And that means we start with Breakfast, and Irish Coffee to get us up and moving. And maybe a little tipsy. 

And boy do we need it this morning.

After a brief discussion of local milk, we embark on a culinary adventure with Chef's Omelet Ham and Cheese, Special K Raspberry Cheesecake bars, Jimmy D's Turkey Sausage Sticks, Bob Evans Bacon Stuffers, and Pillsburry Toaster Strudel Cinnamon & Brown Sugar. 

We also talk about last night's dinner, Celentano Frozen Manicotti, a brief word on how Kevin should probably not have survived his youth, and Pillsburry Grands Buttermilk Biscuits.

Remember, we eat it so you don't have to, even in the morning!


Mike Hebel
almost twelve years ago

Please to be providing the formula for Mech Fuel? ;-)

almost twelve years ago

Now I kind of want "Mech Fuel" to be reviewed in a future episode