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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

Oct 25, 2010

This week is the Mac & Cheese Extraveganza! Fixe products enter, only one can come out on top!

OK, not really, but we do look at every's favorite, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, as well as Kraft Cheesy Made Easy Triple Cheese, Annie's Macaroni and Cheese, Chef Boyardee Macaroni and Cheese Microcup, and the Boston Market Macaroni and Cheese.

Who's Mac & Cheese comes out on top? Will Kevin and Ursula eat Mac & Cheese ever again? Answers to all this and more!

(Also, we're trying a different Mic this week...)

thirteen and a half years ago

I really should have known it would be a bad idea to listen to you at work… but that is really the only place I listen to podcasts. Let's just say I'm lucky my brain didn't 'splode (like your chickenless boobs from a few weeks ago. :) from trying to hold in the laughter.

anyway, mac n cheese additives:
my husband tends to do the hot dogs, and he is from East Coast.
I will do tuna, canned mushrooms, and chopped onion (in various combos), and I am from MidWest. (Though my GrandMa makes a homemade version [with Velveeta] that is utterly delicious. She adds some amount of tomato juice and something else. I've never gotten recipe…)

thirteen and a half years ago

The instant mac does in fact thicken. It won't become "real" , ie stove-top, mac and cheese, but it will become something that sticks to the side of the bowl instead of being soup. However, the version I use is the type that comes in pouches that you empty into your own bowl, so the type the comes in cups may have had an improper fill line. I have found that if you put in too little water you get powdered cheese globs instead of sauce, which is suckier than cheese soup.

This post inspired me to try putting diced hot dogs in my mac and cheese. Which is unusual because I've been putting chopped hot dogs into ramen for decades. Don't know why I didn't think of it myself sooner.

I've recently taken to putting chili into my instant mac, and have had fairly nice results.

thirteen and a half years ago

My husband does tuna mac, I like my mac with ketchup. He's from California, I'm Michigan. :)

thirteen and a half years ago

My family tossed in tuna and peas. My husband's family threw in a can of chili. I like taking a packet of curry (mild) and tossing it in. I've also tossed in a can of beans.

thirteen and a half years ago

The list of things i add to mac and cheese are ENDLESS. My favorite things are like the chopped tomatoes, ground beef, pepperoni, tuna, other cheeses, ground any meat really, italian herbs.

Also the problem you and with Annie's is that you have to let it stand for a few minutes until it becomes CHEESE! Also butter really does make it better. so does shrimp.

thirteen and a half years ago

My dad liked to take the slightly-more-expensive Kraft mac n' cheese (with the foil packet of cheese goo) and put a can of sliced mushrooms in them. I would eat them this way as a child. Now, mac n' cheese is ONLY mac n' cheese and I put nothing in it. Granted, I'm also only feeding me and not several people.

thirteen and a half years ago

All of these foods seem delicious. Your podcast is really entertaining, thanks for making new episodes! =)

thirteen and a half years ago

I've always liked to add a can of tuna (drained) and a handful or more of frozen peas at the same time as the cheese goes in. The ambient warmth reheats the peas up, and you end up with something more of a main dish than a side.

thirteen and a half years ago

Adding to Mac and Cheese - first off it's far, far better with a mix of 6 year-old cheddar, parmesan, and feta. But for a meal, we've always added ham or cooked bacon as well as cooked onions to the mac and cheese.