Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Episode 90 - Chemical Warfare, Border Collie Style

If you look at this week's photo, you will see that the mascot is a pink pig-shaped container of candy. We do not recommend eating the candy. Ursula was, however, hugging the pig by the end of the show, because it is very, very cute. 

And we did not record Kevin making Invader Zim noises at the pig, because we have some class. Not much, considering what we ate this week, but submitting our listeners to Kevin imitating animated characters is even past our limits. 

Just remember folks, good or bad, We Eat it, So You Don't Have To. 

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Episode 89 - "I will show you fear in a handfull of ramen"

Let me be honest - I just drank about 2 pints of 11% ABV Ale, and I'm not really sure what we ate anymore. I know that there was something with noodles, and a lot of frozen things, but otherwise it's kind of a blur. Thank goodness I took notes, because I'm somewhat sure a part of me doesn't want to remember all the things we ate from the clearance aisle at Target.

And people wonder why we drink during the show. Really, if you knew what we knew, and had what we have in the freezer for the next time...

Then again, I suppose this is why you listen - becase We Eat It, So You Don't Have To.

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Episode 88 - "It's not a face cancer!"

Did you know that T. Rex and T. Devil share a similar kind of communicable cancer? We'll tell you all about it! And we'll also talk about dressing for success and titmice!

Oh, and there is food as well. Pizza with Uncured Pepperoni, some pasta and fresh tomato, and an aptly named cider just to name a few. 

All this and more in our kitchen, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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