Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Episode 103 - Theological Implications

You won't get any revelations from this week's show, unless you expect amazing food. There is no amazing food this week. If anything, it may have injured Kevin. Was it the rice side? Was it the noodles? Was it the chicken croquetes? We may never know, but we do find out more than we ever wanted to know about Ursula's views on the relationship between her colon and her god. 

There is also cider, pan frying in oil, and a backlog of beer to discuss. 

Happy New Year! And remember - We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode 102 - The Iceman Cometh

Twas the weekend before Christmas, and all through the kitchen,

Not a stomach was grumbling, not even the beagle's.

The cider was poured in the mug with great care,

in hopes that the hangover wouldn't be there....

This week, we have a whole host of things to devour, including a bottle of Angry Orchard Iceman, frozen enchiladas, and some Christmas Pudding. Kevin even whips up a honey-mustard dipping sauce in under 3 mins, and Ursula gets VERY drunk. Why? 

Because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode 101 - Apocalyptic Fun

This week, we fling crap at the Mayan Apocalypse. We also eat some crap, but that isn't really out of the ordinaty, now is it? We have crap cider, crap flavored water, and even crap pasta. Oh, and crap potatoes. 

But there are some gems in this one as well, so you better listen soon, before the velociraptors come. 

And if we survive the food and the end of the world, we'll be back next week because We Eat it, So You Don't Have To.

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Episode 100 - The SPAM Show

So, uh, episode 100. You know, when we started this, we didn't even have a name for it, and I expected it to last a few weeks, and nobody to listen. Frankly, we expected it to die quietly and unremarkably. 

Over two years and 100 episodes later, here we are, and it's time to do something extravagant. We've been avoiding this show for a few months now, but because we love you, and because the intestines are evil and need to be punished, here it is, the SPAM show. Five different canned meat products, sliced, fried, and eaten just for you. And beers, chocolates, honeys, and a cider to boot.

Thank you for listening, and hopefully we'll be around for another 100, since We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode 99 - "Crab Snuff Flick"

Somewhere we made a horrible mistake with this one. I mean, it wasn't that we started by buying foods at a Wal-Mart, that *NEVER* goes wrong. No, maybe it was the squeezable nacho cheese sauce. Maybe it was the curry noodles. Maybe, just maybe, it was the block of Pace brand cheese product. Whatever it was, the title shows where the show ended up. 

And we even ate all the stuff listed above. And there was a recap of Kevin's Chili from earlier in the week. And there was discussion of some other things, but frankly, it's a bit blurry now since there was also cider and strong beer. 

In any case, we go once more into the breach, because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To.

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