Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Episode 123 - Let's talk about Haida Art!

Here we go again, with empty stomachs and a sense of dread, into the kitchen for your entertainment. At least, we hope you are entertained, or find these shows informative. And by "informative" we mean "learn from our mistakes" and not as a reference for dissertations or similar endeavors. 

Oh, and in terms of mistakes, I think the lentil chips may have been a mistake. Or mixing them with the frozen ravioli. Or maybe even the mac & cheese.

In the end, though, if Kevin or Ursula is complaining on twitter about their innards tonight, it's all self-inflicted. And because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode 122 - The one with Uncle Kage

So our friend Uncle Kage made a surprise visit to the house for brunch. He was dressed as a priest. Long story there, and I'll leave the telling of it to him. However, as the day wore on, and dinner approached, we asked if he wanted to stay on, and so he said yes...

...this week, there is no mis-pronunciation of food additives, because an expert was on hand to pronounce them for us. So for those of you drinking at home, there are no shots for *THAT* this week. There is, however, Shoju. And the terror of a man who has never seen, nor eaten, a pre-packaged frozen "bite."

So join us for the fun, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode 121 - Slurry and Curry

We have Meat Patties! Yes, that culinary delight that seems to exist in almost every culture has found its way into our kitchen. And so have proper jelly babies, lychee-wasabi water, and a crunch bar that you will have to hear about to believe.

On top of that, there is beer, hard limeade, beef jerky, and even Fiesta Side![1]

Why do we do this to ourselves? Noone can answer that, but you can enjoy it, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

[1]  No fiestas were harmed in the making of this episode

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Episode 120 - "The Thing About Heat Stabilized Squid…"

Once more into the breach, armed with a Ramen Cookbook this week, we go where no KUEC has gone before! Yes, we make LIVE ON THE AIR two items from the Ramen Noodles Recipe Cards Cookbook! We also break out beer, cider, a French tinned lunch, and some surprising sliders.

Who cuts themselves on prep? Who eats canned cuttlefish? Do the Pupae see their demise? Only one way to find out - this week when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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