Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Episode 176 : Red Velvet Necrophilia

Friends, listeners, countrypersons, lend me your ears. Nabisco has produced Red Velvet Oreo Cookies. I kid you not. And we ate them, and they are...

...thought I was going to tell you, didn't you? No, you need to listen and find out about that, the canned german potato salad, the frozen pizzas, and all the other stuff we ate. And as we ask ourselves, "why do we do this again?" We come up with the only answer possible :

We Eat It, So You Don't Have To.

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Episode 175 : Grey Horses couldn't take me away

Week two of no drinks for Kevin continues, so Ursula takes the burden upon herself with a bottle of ginger beer. OK, not just ginger beer, but ginger beer with vodka! She's making Moscow Mules, and the results are what one would expect.

There is also a duplicate food in the photo, so we replaced it with something else. What could lat be? Listen and find out when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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Episode 174 - No Alcohol for Kevin

We're back from Foolscap, MAGFest, and our other travel and ailments, and once more we have a load of new foods to try. Not all is joy, though, since Kevin can't drink for the next 5-6 weeks. No Beer! No Scotch! Just water.

And yet the show must go on. So armed with a 9.5% ABV cider for Ursula and a bottle of flavored water Kevin, we dive into first of the gifts given to us in our travels.

We shall percervere, because We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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