Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Episode 8 - "It burns when I pee"

This week, it's Kimchee, MRE, and Pad Thai. Ok, the last bit didn't rhyme. Also, there's meatloaf. We open a mystery box from a friend to find a whole stack of MREs, and so we give the Escalloped Potatoes and Ham (Thermostabilized) a try. After that, it's Dr. McDougail's Pad Thai Noodle Soup, a chitchat about Jennie-O Turkey Meatloaf, and we wrap with Annie Chun's Kimchi Soup Bowl. We eat it so you don't have to - unless you're in the U.S. Military, in which case, well, you have to for at least one of this week's selections. Sorry about that. 

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The Mac & Cheese Show

This week is the Mac & Cheese Extraveganza! Fixe products enter, only one can come out on top!

OK, not really, but we do look at every's favorite, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, as well as Kraft Cheesy Made Easy Triple Cheese, Annie's Macaroni and Cheese, Chef Boyardee Macaroni and Cheese Microcup, and the Boston Market Macaroni and Cheese.

Who's Mac & Cheese comes out on top? Will Kevin and Ursula eat Mac & Cheese ever again? Answers to all this and more!

(Also, we're trying a different Mic this week...)

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Episode 6 - "It's your fault for not wearing ballistic eyewear."

This week on kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap : A secon chance for Archer Farms with their Cajun-flavored Rice and Bean Bowl. We also take a stab at the Thai Kitchen Tangy Sweet & Sour Noodles and Trader Joe's Potato Pancakes. Along the way, you get to hear a (not authentic) recipe for huevos rancheros, and a discussion of the importance of ballistic eyewear.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Episode 5 - "It does NOT look like rotting flesh"

Running a little late this week, but here it is, episode 5! This week, we taste Trader Joe's Chicken Gorgonzola, Vigo Red Beans and Rice, and an Archer Farms Asian Inspired Sesame Teriyaki noodle bowl. And along the way, we'll talk about our new sponsor, Monoceros Media, the AMAZING new rice cooker we have, and the best way to eat ramen raw. 

(Spoiler : There is NO best way to eat ramen raw)


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Episode 4 - Chicken Sticks, Exploding Cutlets, and Bland Noodles

Is it that time already? This week, we take a look at Thai Joe's Chicken Sticks, Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Cutlets, and in the extra-cheap category Betty Crocker's Bowl Appetit Garlic Parmesan Pasta. Along the way you'll get witty (and not so witty) banter, the opinion of a 12-year-old, beagle noises, and the usual low production values, exciting cook times, and exploding food. Wait, exploding food isn't normal, is it

(Pictures Here)

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