Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Episode 191 - "I'll get the sledgehammer"

So we got this call from the mail office, telling us to pick up the boxes becasue they were running out of space. One of the things included was an 11-lb chocolate bar. It is a think of beauty, but we need to break it up so...

We also got a box from Australia, a box from Sinagapore, wine, beer, and even frozen filo dough. All that and a Canadian, when We Eat it, So You Don't Have To.

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Episode 190 - The Return of the Canadian

Crazybirderfriend Tina is in town for several days, so we have roped her into once more eating with us. And you know what that means - a bottle of wine, soju, several beers, and things best left in the store in our oven. Popcorn! BBQ Sweet Corn in a freezer bag! Pizza with broccoli! CHOCOLATES!

And we talk teenagers, birds, bad food, birds, birds, chocolate, birds, booze, did we mention birds? All that and more birds, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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